EasyFlash®Plus® is a waterproof dry fix solution specifically designed to replace traditional metal flashing for abutments. Its highly stretchable creped aluminum surface (up to 60% in roll direction) ensures neat and all-weather sealing of junctions between walls and roof tiles, while the metallic surface allows a lifetime akin to zinc but with improved flexibility around the roof structure. It is also self-fixing onto dust-free surface, sealing off corners and joints with standing seam technique.

1. Performance 100% Leak-Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Long-lasting water-tightness

2. Aesthetics

  • More enduring and tidy finishing compared to traditional mortar.
  • Available choice of colours for selection and matching.

3. Flexibility

  • Aluminium material for usage on all types of wall connections

4. Ease of Use

  • Easy to apply to any surface due to it's flexibility.

5. Fast Installation

  • Saves time because no drying time for cement mortar is required.

Product Data


Coated aluminium composite with self-adhesive butyl


250mm / 280mm



Operating Temperature range

-20oC to 80oC



Application Temperature Range

+5oC to 40oC


Anthracite, Brown & Red

Storage condition

< 30oC up to 2 years

Recommended Specifications

MONIER EasyFlash®Plus width **dry fix solution for abutment in colour *** to be sealed with MONIER Wakastrip in colour **** to be installed accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.

**please specify width (250mm, 280mm) ***please specify colour (Anthracite, Brown & Red) **** please specify colour (Red, Brown & Grey)


EasyFlash®PLUS Brochure

Date: 11.09.2017 | Size: 5.4Mb