Compactroll® II is a breathable, waterproof dry fix solution that not only replaces traditional cement mortar but also significantly contributes to a cooler indoor environment. It has a water-repellant sleeve with high ventilation value (in accordance to DIN 4108, part 3)

1. Performance 100% Leak-Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Long-lasting water-tightness

2. Comfort

  • Cooler indoor environment
  • Self-ventilation for excessive heat removal

3. Aesthetics

  • More enduring and tidy finishing compared to traditional mortar
  • Available choice of colours for selection and matching

4. Ease of Use

  • Easy to apply to any surface due to it's flexibility.

5. Fast Installation

  • Saves time because no drying time for cement mortar is required.

Product Data


PAN Flee ventilating UV-Stabilized with coated aluminium side strips.

Ventilation cross-section  

> 1100cm2/m

Surface Colours  

Red / Brown / Granite

Length of roll  


Width of roll  



Weight of roll  

2.6kg / roll

2.7kg / roll

Recommended Specifications  

Monier Compactroll®II width** dry fix solution for ridge and hip in colour*** to be installed with Monier® Ridge Tree galvanised steel support with timber runner (by others) in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.

** please specify Compactroll®II width (295mm or 340mm)   ***please specify color (Red, Brown, Granite)

Sketch of laying in this case with a profiled roof tile at the ridge


Compactroll®II & Ridge Tree

Date: 07.02.2017 | Size: 6.7Mb