With sleek lines of modern and minimalist design, MONIER LEGACY® is tailor-made and specially designed for the hot tropical weather. MONIER LEGACY® is dimensionally consistent and accurate with the revolutionary Quartz Tech coating has passed more than 20 years weather resistance test in our design center.

1. Quartz Coating (97% Quartz Content)

MONIER Quartz Tech is a coating process using an extremely high density of quartz (>97%). The quartz layer is fused to the body of the tile which gives it a silky smooth surface, preventing water absorption and dirt accumulation. This technology delays the ageing process and maintains the tile colour up to 10 years*.

2. Double Water-Based Surface

In addition to MONIER’s Quartz Tech coating, each MONIER LEGACY® tile is coated with 2 additional layers of water-based paint that is not only eco-friendly but provides exceptional colour consistency that can last up to extra 10 years*.

3. Excellent Geometric Accuracy

With a high level of geometric accuracy, this results in Legacy® roofs looking perfectly flat, level and watertight

4. Homogeneous Tile

Each LEGACY® roof tiles are full-embodied pigmented homogeneous tiles which suits exposed roof designs.

* Accelerated ageing test performed by MONIER Technical Centre to simulate product performance under Malaysian weather condition.
Length (L) 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) 330mm
Batten Spacing* 310-330mm
Minimum Headlap 90mm
Coverage 10.1pcs/m2 (based on 90mm headlap)
Weight (per piece) 5.0kg (approximately)
Weight (per m2) 50.5kg/m2 (approximately)
Minimum Pitch 25°

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres

*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length

Autumn Grey
Forest Green
Sierra Brown
Mystic Grey
Calypso Orange
NameAngle Ridge
Length (L)353 mm
Horizontal Width (W)240 mm
Internal Angle110o
Weight4.3 kg (approximately)
Coverage2.9 pcs per meter run
NameAngle Ridge End
Length (L)270 mm
Horizontal Width (W)240 mm
Internal Angle110o
Weight 4.5 kg (approximately)
NameAngle Hip
Length (L)353 mm
Horizontal Width (W)240 mm
Internal Angle 124o
Weight 3.6 kg (approximately)
Coverage2.9 pcs per meter run
NameAngle Hip End
Length (L)268 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 243 mm
Weight 3.0 kg (approximately)
NameVerge tile
Length (L)420 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 224 mm
Internal Angle 95o
Weight 4.0 kg (approximately)
Coverage 3.1 pcs per meter run
NameVerge End tile
Length (L) 345 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 220 mm
Internal Angle 95o
Weight 3 kg (approximately)
NameMonoridge Tile
Length (L)300 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 350 mm
Internal Angle 75o
Weight 5.00 kg (approximately)
Coverage 3.3 pcs per meter run
NameMonoridge End Tile
Length (L) 420 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 224 mm
Internal Angle 95o
Weight 4.1 kg (approximately)
Name3-Way Apex - coming soon
Horizontal Width (W) 
Spread Angle