Innovative Technology . Contemporary Style

Monier® roof are trusted for over 50 years by Malaysian homeowners. Every product is extensively tested in Monier® laboratories in Germany for extreme weather conditions.

HORIZON® ROOF SYSTEM by Monier® is specially designed for contemporary low pitched roof. It offers proven leakproof performance, superior heat reflectivity, higher residual heat dissipation and significantly quieter acoustics to create a comfortable living environment in tropical climate. 

HORIZON® ROOF SYSTEM is available in a selection of attractive designs and colours to achieve the minimalist design that will stand the test of time. 

Contemporary Style

• Modern and stylish
• Trendy colours to suit contemporary design
• Suitable for roof pitches from 10°

100% Leakproof

• Long-lasting water tightness with multiple water barriers
• Proven long lifespan of concrete tiles
• Complete peace of mind during rainy days

Low Noise

• Outstanding acoustic performance derived from natural properties of concrete tiles
• Quieter indoor environment for more comfortable living

Superior Heat Reflection

• Offers effective reflection of radiant heat
• Cooler indoor environment for more comfortable living

Weight 4.5kg / pc
Dimension 330mm (W) x 420mm (L)
Minimum Pitch 8 degrees
Headlap 100mm (Minimum)
Batten Spacing* 320mm c/c (Maximum)
Tile Coverage 10.4pcs/m2 (based on 100mm headlap)

*Maximum rafter length is 8m at 8 degree

*c/c - Center to center

Classification Eaves - First / Panel

HT Height of standard batten + 20mm
FBS First batten spacing (Approximate 300mm)
DI Distance Between First batten and tilting batten (200mm - 210mm)
RBS Remaining batten spacing (320mm c/c)
LBS Last batten spacing (190mm from external surface of Fascia Board) just for monoridge

*Roof must be designed and constructed according to specified sizes and specifications.