Monier Rainwater Harvesting System


MONIER Rainwater Harvesting System takes full advantage of the rainfall patterns by tapping nature’s free resource when there is rain, to be collected, filtered, stored, and re-cycled for use for example watering of gardens, flushing of toilets and etc. Furthermore it is easy to install and simple to maintain, hassle-free yet effective supply of harvested rainwater that saves water costs whilst helping the environment. Should its storage tank run dry during periods of heavy usage, it will automatically switches to the mains without disruption in water supply.



  • as a supplement /alternative to the mains water supply (i.e: water shortage)
  • reduced utility bills
  • 100% Leakproof
  • preservation of the environment

1. Stabicor Gutter System

A high quality rainwater management solution that is designed with exceptional durability and reliability. It Is made from high tensile Aluminium Zinc for enduring colour consistency and corrosion resistance to withstand harsh weather conditions.

2. Monier Filter Collector

Removes and prevents debris, leaves and sand from entering the storage tank by directly discharging dirt to the drain.

3. First Flush Diverter

Reduces the pollution of tank water by diverting the first flush of contaminated water away from the tank.

4. Monier Rainwater Tank

Stores filtered rainwater.

5a. Auto Switching Device

An automatic switchover device that also functions as a pump controller. It receives signals from the sinker float sensor, water pressure sensor and mains water supply sensor; and controls the running of the pump and automatically selects the water source.

5b. Monier Part Fill Valve

The purpose is to automatically maintain a low level of water in the tank during periods of no or low rainfall. This allows the tank to continually supply water while leaving capacity in the tank for refilling in the next rainfall.

6. Centrifugal Pump

To boost pressure. The pump is only active when water is drawn from the tank.

7. Level Indicator

A dial-type indicator that displays the level of water in the tank.

8. "Non-Potable Water" Sign

All water may look the same but it isn't. Install a Non-Potable Water sign to prevent people from drinking unsafe water.