StabiCor is a high quality rainwater management solution that is designed with exceptional durability and reliability, thus offering a long-lasting preventive solution to curb algae growth on walls and maintain the beauty of your house. It is made from high tensile Aluminium Zinc for enduring colour consistency and corrosion resistance to withstand our harsh weather conditions. It also enhances the water-tightness of the roof and ensures that direct rainwater impact onto the lower roof and accumulation of drainage can be prevented.

StabiCor's unique design is intended to cater to our tropical weather, hence its ability to catch high volumes of rainwater. With up to 6m of seamless gutter length, innovative invisible brackets and classic design, StabiCor offers excellent aesthetic value and is ideal for both contemporary and traditional building structures.

1. Durable

  • High strength Aluminium Zinc
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Proven design that promotes rapid rainwater flow

2. Aesthetics

  • Innovative invisible bracket system
  • Unique & seamless design (up to 6 m)
  • 3 colours for your preferred choice

Product Data

Rainwater gutter
Base Material  

Aluminium Zinc G550-AZ150

Girth Size  

450 mm / 600 mm

Material Thickness  

0.47 mm TCT

Standard Colours  

Brown / Grey / Beige

Bracket Spacing  

1.2 m (concealed-type)

Rainwater downpipe
Base Material  




Inner Diameter  



SIRIM approved