Toplight is a transparent and interlocking tile that allows entry of natural light. Made from highly durable and high strength acrylic for weather-proofing, it is the ONLY transparent tile that is compliant to MONIER Technical Centre standards to fit the full range of MONIER’s concrete roofing tiles.

1. Performance 100% Leak-Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Perfect fit with roof tiles ensuring water-tightness

2. Energy-Saving

  • FREE natural light
  • Reduce electricity costs 1 Toplight = 1 75W

3. Aesthetics

  • Uniform outlook
  • Precise match with all tiles

Product Data


Weatherproof and transparent PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)

Light Transmissibility  

90% - 95%

Heat resistance  

Up to 80°C


330mm (W) x 420mm (L) according to roof tile model


0.7kg (approximately)

Recommended Specifications  

MONIER Toplight transparent weatherproof tiles for MONIER tile model/ roof system** complete with MONIER tile clip, MONIER tile screws and washers to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.



 **please select tile model/roof system (Legacy®, Perspective ®, Mediterrano®, Contour®, Nordica®, Elabana® )