Universal Domed Skylight

MONIER Universal Domed Skylight is a roof window made from translucent and high impact-resistant polycarbonate that allows entry of natural light and ventilation. Its pleated apron makes it universally adaptable to all roof tiles and its adjustable hinges enables the roof window to be opened from the left, right, top or bottom.

1. Performance 100% Leak-Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Long-lasting water-tightness

2. Energy-Saving

  • FREE natural light
  • Reduce electricity costs

3. Comfort

  • Fresh air and ventilation whenever required

Product Data


Plastic frame, reinforced dome-skylight made of highly translucent, impact-resistant polycarbonate, apron made of special plastic, through-coloured and mouldable.


Converted lofts, exits to roof, and illumination and ventilation of the attic.


760mm (approx.)


705mm (approx.)

Access opening  

508mm x 478mm (approx.)

Recommended Specifications  

MONIER® Universal Domed Skylight high impact-resistant skylight for roofs to be installed in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction, *only available in red.