RadenShield® is a radiant barrier made of highly reflective aluminium or metalized surface. Its carrier material is a synthetic and non-porous woven fabric that ensures high tensile strength, high tear-resistance and durability even in damp and humid conditions. It also acts as an effective moisture barrier that prevents leakages from a damaged roof.

1. Advanced Thermal Performance

  • reflecting 97% of radiant heat
  • cooler indoor environment

2. High Level of Tear Resistance

  • Highest quality premium woven carrier
  • Withstands rough handling

3. Energy Cost Saving

  • Reduce air conditioning usage

4. 100% Leak – Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Resistance against moisture and wind-uplift

5. Officially Tested & Proven

  • Complying to MS 2095:2014 Radiant Barrier Building Materials.

6. Easy Installation

  • Lightweight - no additional support required
  • Fast & hazard free

Increased Roof Performance - With RadenShield®, roof tiles are more secured

Raden Shield® reduces pressure difference and decreases the possibility of tiles take off during windy conditions.

Enhanced Protection

Against dust, sand, pollen and insects

Increased Water-tightness