Monier® Super R Fire X Bubble Foil performs up to 3 times* better than traditional foil radiant barriers. Designed to meet the latest green building standards, it is made from super strong synthetic materials that offer high durability even in damp and humid conditions. It serves as a tough moisture barrier that prevent leakages while creating a cooler living environment.

1. Fire Retardant

  • Complying to MS 2095:2014 Radiant Barrier Building Materials

2. Extra Comfort

  • Prevents large build-up of residual heat.
  • Cooler indoor environment.

3. Effective Reflection Of Radiant Heat

  • Made from materials with highest heat reflectivity.

4. Easy Installation

  • Strong but lightweight (only 20mm thickness) to make installation a breeze.

5. Low Noise

  • Quieter indoor environment.
  • Superior acoustic performance in rainy conditions.

6. High Level Of Tear Resistance

  • Highest quality premium woven carrier.
  • Withstands rough handling.
  • Minimises wastage during installation process.

7. Energy & Cost Saving

  • A cooler interior helps reduce the use of air-conditioners and other cooling appliances.

In view of innovation, the specifications are subject to change without any prior notice and in the event of such changes, MONIER® shall ensure that the new specifications are equivalent if not better.

General Information

Description Double sided pure aluminium foil with 5mm thermal insulating polymer with double sided 20mm Super Bubble
Length of roll 20.0m
Width of roll 1.22m
Diameter of roll 720mm
Weight of roll 18kg
Weight (kg/m2) 0.670kg/m2
Coverage 24.4m2 per roll


R value m2 K/W
External Air 0.06
Monier Concrete Tiles 0.01
Battenspace 0.73
Super R Fire X Bubble Foil 1.31
Unventilated reflective attic 1.36
10mm plasterboard 0.05
Indoor air film 0.14
Total R-value (Theoretical - BCA) 3.40
Total R-value (Experiment - SIRIM) 3.50

* MONIER CoolRoof® with Super R Fire X Bubble Foil can contribute up to 3 GBI points

* Tested under MS2095 : 2014 Clause 5.6, test method ISO 8301 /MS ISO 8302

MS2095 Product Compliance

Emittance (MS2095 Clause 5.3) Reflective
Emissivity (ASTM E 408) 3%
Reflectivity (ASTM E 408) 97%
Scratch Resistance Bothsides
Dry Delamination [MS2095 Clause 4(a)] PASS
Wet Delamination [MS2095 Clause 4(b)] PASS
Puncture resistance (ASTM D 4833) 140N
Thermal Conductivity (ISO 8302:2003) 0.06 W/mk
Fungal growth ability No fungal growth

* Fire retardant. Complying to MS2095:2014 Radiant Barrier

The thermal performance experiment evaluation was led by Design Engineering Section, Industrial Design Centre, SIRIM Berhad. The experiment was conducted at Monier's R&D facility located at Bukit Kemuning. The published R-value is extracted from SIRIM Technical Report based on guidelines on Envelope Thermal Transfer Value for Buildings by Building and Construction Authority Singapore.