Truly Flat, Smooth and Durable Clay Tiles.

Created by the prestigious Benedito Design, Logica™ Plana clay roof tiles exude contemporary beauty with straight lines, minimalist and clean looks. Pressed into plaster moulds and baked at high temperatures to ensure toughness and precision, Logica Plana clay roof tiles offer high durability, low water absorption (< 5%) and total flatness in line with contemporary design.

Absolutely Flat & Smooth Surface
  • 100% flat and captivatingly smooth surface to exude modern aesthetics.

Excellent Water Tightness
  • Deep interlock design to ensure water-tightness and ease of installation.
High Strength & Durability
  • Multiple ribs at the back of the tile maximize its mechanical strength and ensure perfect flatness.
Excellent Geometric Accuracy
  • Gypsum moulds provides precision and smooth tile surface during production. H-cassettes prevent distortion and ensure dimension consistency.
Length (L) 455 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 283 mm
Batten Spacing* 330 mm - 350 mm
Minimum Headlap 105 mm - 125 mm / 115 mm 10mm
Coverage 12.2 pcs (based on 105 mm headlap)
Weight (per piece) 4.7 kg/pcs (approximate) 
Weight (per m2) 57.4 kg/m² (approximate based on 12.2 pcs)
Minimum Pitch 20° (cross bond) / 25° (straight bond)

* Batten spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length. The maximum rafter length span up to 6 meters.

In view of innovation, the specifications are subject to change without any prior notice and in the event of such changes, MONIER® shall ensure that the new specifications are equivalent if not better.

1. Angular Ridge / Hip 2. Angular Hip End 3. Right Verge
4. Left Verge 5. Angular 3 Ridge Junction 6. Half Tile
7. Lanterne Base Tile 8. Lanterne 9. Angular End Cap For Lateral Verges