There is a next-genaration of coating technology on roof tiles as well as a sustainable production process that is now available. Monier Malaysia is proud to present the Mineral Technology, which is now available in the Cosmopolitan collection: Legacy Mineral and Perspective Mineral. Mineral Technology is only made exclusive to the premium range of roof tiles, as they are the first and only roof tiles in Malaysia to have this technology.

It has been developed through more than 50 years of experience in innovating for the Malaysian market. As the global expert in pitched roof solutions, technology. The Mineral Technology offers customers with Monier products that are excellent in design, quality and durability in an environmentally sustainable way.

Monier ® MINERAL roof tiles are premium tiles made of materials from nature: and, water, clay, limestone and natural pigments, making them stronger and more durable. With an energy-efficient productionprocess, it is an eco-friendly roofing solution.

Monier ® Perspective ® MINERAL offers a completely new flattish look for your roof. This profile combines ultra modern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and suitable for unconventional 15o pitch roofs, along with trendy and modern colors to best suit your preferred roof styles.

Distinctive Minimum Pitch Of 15 o
  • Combined with an underlay and proper
    overlapping, Monier® Perspective® Mineral
    successfully passed our Technical Center test under tropical rainfalls at a 15o slope.

Better Anti Fungal & Anti Efflorescence
  • Double coating mineral
    technology prevents fungal
    build-up and efflorescence
  • Self-cleaning and dustproof

Colour Consistency & Durability
  • Double coating mineral technology
    ensures a consistent and polished
  • Excellent adhesion of coating
  • High resistance to UV rays and heat for excellent durability
  • Coating material imported from Germany

Eco-friendly Technology
  • Energy-efficient production and
    water-based coating for lower
    carbon footprint
  • APEO free, ammonia free and formaldehyde free.
  • Natural mineral composition
Length (L) 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) 330mm
Batten Spacing* Up to 295mm Up to 320mm Up to 330mm Up to 345mm
Minimum Headlap 125mm 100mm 90mm 75mm
Coverage 11.3pcs/m2 10.4pcs/m2 10.1pcs/m2 9.7pcs/m2
Weight (per piece) 4.4kg (approximately)
Weight (per m2) 49.7kg/m2 45.8kg/m2 44.4kg/m2 42.7kg/m2
Minimum Pitch 15° 17.5° 20° 25°

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres

*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length


Titanium Black Silverstone Grey Bronze Brown
Terracotta Orange Ferra Red  


Titanium Silverstone Bronze
Angle Ridge Tile Coverage: 2.90pcs/m
Angle Hip Tile Coverage: 2.90pcs/m
Angle Ridge End Tile
Angle Hip Tile
3 Way Apex
Verge Tile Coverage: 3.10pcs/m
Verge End Tilem
Mono-ridge Tile Coverage: 3.30pcs/m
Monoridge End Tile