Monier Elabana Roof System has been protecting homes from the harsh tropical weather in Malaysia for over 20 years. With added value, Monier has bridged all elements of World Class Industrial Excellence in roofing technology, superior quality and cost efficiency into the new MONIER ELABANA(R) ROPICAL Roof System.

1. Dimensionally Consistent

High quality toolings were used to produce MONIER ELABANA® TROPICAL giving it a dimensionally consistent shape and size to ensure high level of performance.

2. Compact Round Nose

The unique round nose, improves ageing by delaying fungus and algae growth at the nose of the tile. This feature is well-matched and suitable for Malaysian weather.

3. Easy Installation

Moulded with precision and uniformity to ensure dimension stability for a consistent and perfect fit each time. Tiles can be laid cross-bond and straight-bond.

4. Superior Quality

In compliance with MS797:PTI:1982 product certification, you can be assured that the root tiles are extremely durable.

Length (L) 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) 330mm
Batten Spacing* 320-345mm
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Coverage 9.7pcs/m2 (based on 75mm headlap)
Weight (per piece) 4.2kg (+0.0kg,- 0.30kg)
Weight (per m2) 40.7kg/m2 (+0.0,-2.9kg/m2)
Minimum Pitch 17.5°

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres at minimum roof pitch stated.

*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length

Sunkiss Orange
Antique Red
Avocado Green
Russet Brown
Golden Clay
Terra Brown
Ivory Haze
Atlantic Blue
Elabana Red
Russet Gold
Shadow Gray
Sandstone Brown
MS Grey
NameRidge & Hip Tile
Length (L) 330 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 250 mm
Coverage 3.38 pcs per meter run
Weight 3.2 kg (approximately)
Name2 Way Ridge Tile
Length (L) 330 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 250 mm
Weight 3.4 kg (approximately)
NameRidge End Tile
Length (L) 265 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 210 mm
Weight 3.8 kg (approximately)
NameHip Starter
Length (L) 350 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 210 mm
Weight 4.0 kg (approximately)
Name3 Way Apex
Length (L) 220 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 135° from main ridge line to hip line
Internal Angle 90° between hip lines
Weight 5.8 kg (approximately)
Name4 Way Apex
Horizontal Width (W) 220 mm
Spread Angle 135° from main ridge line to hip line
90° between hip lines
Weight 5.5 kg (approximately)
NameVerge Tile
Length (L) 420 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 245 mm and 180 mm
Internal Angle 74°
Coverage 2.9 pcs per meter run
Weight 5.0 kg (approximately)
NameVerge End Tile
Length (L)420 mm
Horizontal Width (W)245 mm and 216 mm
Internal Angle 74°
Weight 5.1 kg (approximately)