Monier Nordica ® Roof system brings a totally new roof scape to Malaysia with its rounded wave design - an inspiration from the Nordic and Baltic regions. Round Tech on NORDICA® gives your roof a precise rounded nose edge that also retards growth which is well accepted by nation builders for major housing schemes, schools and public buildings.

1. Trendy Round Wave Design

This roof style with its simple yet distinctive features complement your modern homes architecture, giving it an overall refreshing look.

2. Compact Round Nose

The unique round nose delays fungus and algae growth. This feature is well-matched and suitable for Malaysian weather.

3. Easy Installation

MONIER NORDICA® is moulded with precision and uniformity to ensure dimension stability for a consistent and perfect fit each time. Tiles can be laid cross-bond and straight-bond.

4. Chessboard Effect

Chessboard colours are MONlER's latest innovative offering for unique roof styles. The Chessboard effect looks even more outstanding when laid cross-bond.

Length (L) 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) 330mm
Batten Spacing* 320-345mm
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Coverage 9.7pcs/m2 (based on 75mm headlap)
Weight (per piece) 4.3kg (+/- 0.1kg)
Weight (per m2) 41.7kg/m2 (approximately)
Minimum Pitch 17.5°

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres

*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length

Polar Winter
Highland Brownn
Boreal Orange
Danish Red
Midnight Sun
Nordic Summer
Chessboard Wood
Baltic Wood
Swedish Birch
Chessboard Grey
NameRidge & Hip Tile
Length (L) 330 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 250 mm
Coverage 3.38 pcs per meter run
Weight 3.2 kg (approximately)
Name2 Way Ridge Tile
Length (L) 330 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 250 mm
Weight 3.4 kg (approximately)
NameRidge End Tile
Length (L) 265 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 210 mm
Weight 3.8 kg (approximately)
NameHip Starter
Length (L) 350 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 210 mm
Weight 4.0 kg (approximately)
Name3 Way Apex
Length (L) 220 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 135° from main ridge line to hip line
Internal Angle 90° between hip lines
Weight 5.8 kg (approximately)
Name4 Way Apex
Horizontal Width (W) 220 mm
Spread Angle 135° from main ridge line to hip line
90° between hip lines
Weight 5.5 kg (approximately)
NameVerge Tile
Length (L) 420 mm
Horizontal Width (W) 245 mm and 180 mm
Internal Angle 74°
Coverage 2.9 pcs per meter run
Weight 5.0 kg (approximately)
NameVerge End Tile
Length (L)420 mm
Horizontal Width (W)245 mm and 216 mm
Internal Angle 74°
Weight 5.1 kg (approximately)