Ridge Tree

A solid device that acts as a guide for optional alignment for the fixing of ridge and hip runner, which aesthetically enhances the ridge and hip line.

1. Performance 100% Leak-Proof

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Long-lasting water-tightness

2. Comfort

  • Cooler indoor environment
  • Self-ventilation for excessive heat removal

3. Aesthetics

  • More enduring and tidy finishing compared to traditional mortar
  • Available choice of colours for selection and matching

Product Data


Galvanised Steel


1 piece per rafter at the ridge or hip


10 pieces per bag

Recommended Specifications

MONIER Ridge Tree galvanised steel support with timber runner (by others) to be installed with MONIER Compactroll® in accordance with MONIER's recommended instruction.


CompactRoll_RidgeTree Brochure

Date: 07.02.2017 | Size: 3.9Mb